Make your success stronger in 2018 by making it SPECIFIC

I hate weak coffee.  I absolutely loathe it.  In fact, I’m working on an algorithm that proves that the quality of my day is directly proportional to the strength of my coffee in the morning. The equation may be difficult to prove, but I feel a Nobel Prize in economics lurking somewhere in my work.

The same desire for concentration has found its way into my goal setting.  Weak, wandering goals lead to an unsatisfying sense of “Why bother?” when you’ve accomplished them.  So, this year, my focus is on being “specific”.  It’s time to let go of the lukewarm feel good goals of getting healthy, growing revenue or building new relationships.  Rather, I want to lose 16 pounds, grow our firm’s revenue by 14%, and have lunch with 52 different people this year that I didn’t meet within the last two years.  There it is.  On December 31st, check back with me on my progress.

I don’t know what’s held me back from that precision in the past. Perhaps, it was my fear of not meeting the goals or having others know that I was driven in a targeted way.  However, at the end of the year, I’ve felt accomplished but not energized by the feeling of crossing a finish line.

For our clients in the learning space, this is going to help structure our conversations with them. I think our methods need to drive much more precise behaviors.  We really need to drill down into what they specifically want to accomplish.  Driving quality, improving culture, and raising business acumen isn’t enough.  Let’s figure out specific targets that define success and aim directly for them.

What’s the “weak coffee” that impacts your success?  Make your success stronger by making it SPECIFIC.


John Tolsma