The way we learn changes constantly. Knowledge Launch anticipates new technologies and creates meaningful environments for your learners.

The Leap Experience is a discovery session with our clients.

It’s not a leap of faith. Rather, it’s an inevitable progression for a learner. Knowledge is more than understanding facts. It is about applying information to your life in a way that transforms behavior.

The Knowledge Leap Experience is a discovery session with our clients designed to find ways that our learning experiences and tools can make a difference in the effectiveness of your programs.

As we make the leap together, we find out about what types of environments have been effective in the past. We also search out which tools will be most useful for the client.

Sit down with the innovators at Knowledge Launch and brainstorm through your learning objectives. How can we best enhance your learning experience to engage your audience?

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The Fair is the ultimate environment for getting it done.

A Knowledge Fair launches a participant from a seat into a uniquely designed learning space. Amidst this information gallery, a participant can explore samples, interact with new technology, or engage one on one with subject matter experts who will lead participants through materials and content.

People learn by doing. The Knowledge Fair is the ultimate environment for getting it done. Take your participants out of the classroom and transport them to an interactive venue where they can engage hands-on with learning material. A Knowledge Fair is a creative way to present information to learners. Fairs can include anything from live or web-broadcasted presentations, video and audio elements, hands-on interaction and sampling. Customize your fair with themed lighting and music. Present materials on our unique information banners. Create a gallery where participants can browse and interact. Invite participants to take a walking tour of your knowledge gallery. Offer cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and let the fun begin.

A Knowledge Fair is all about interaction. The goal is to create an environment that will stimulate learning. Participants will get excited about interacting with material. They’ll ask questions; they’ll create conversations; they’ll network.

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With a Stage, we take the idea of the classroom and amplify it.

The aesthetics of the traditional classroom are underdeveloped. With a Knowledge Stage, we take the idea of the classroom and amplify it. The lights, sounds, mood and pulse of a room convey to the learner the immediacy and the urgency of the material to be presented. Each classroom should have a different feel, and each classroom should be uniquely designed to propel forward the learning goals of the program.

Whether the size of your classroom is 100 or 5000, visual and technological elements can greatly improve the attention and retention of the learner. Knowledge Launch will help you create a seamless production, with behind the scenes (backstage) technological support and a dedicated staff. Our project managers will work with you during the months and weeks leading up to your event and during the actual event to ensure that everything goes as planned. We can accommodate anywhere from one speaker to a panel of speakers across multiple locations. Dream it, and we’ll make it happen.

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The Companion centers around new media tools that can be used in small groups or individually to present the “best of” concepts of a live program.

The ubiquitous nature of media allows us to take it anywhere, any time. Learning can occur in a live environment, but it can also take place on the subway, in small meeting rooms, or on your home computer.

The Knowledge Companion centers around new media tools that can be used in small groups or individually to present the “best of” concepts of live programs.

We can tailor the new media invitations and event follow ups. Or we can capture live events or film scripted content videos, so that your message can reach the widest audience in the most aesthetically pleasing and captivating ways.

We give it life. People don’t flock to the movies to watch dry, emotionless films. Rather, they go so that their senses may be brought to life. The same should be true of multimedia learning. Learning events should be transforming events.

Executed correctly, media elements can bring the learner to a point where information is better absorbed and then applied. That’s the point of progress.

Knowledge Launch can enhance your learning experience with a comprehensive audio/visual experience. Following the most effective guidelines in the industry for visually effective presentations, we will help you design presentation templates to reflect company branding.

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Let Knowledge Launch build an experiential, interactive Simulation for your learner.

Practiced. Metaphorical. Facilitated. Interactive. Hands-on. Memorable.

Experiential learning takes participants out of the classroom and puts them in motion. People learn by doing, and Knowledge Launch’s tailor-made experiential sessions give participants the ultimate chance to do.

Let Knowledge Launch build an experiential, interactive program for your learners. Allow us to help your participants learn, develop, engage with and practice specific skills in a facilitated environment.

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