Knowledge Launch creates experiences that propel learning forward. Using the power of media, compelling messages, and immersive environments, Knowledge Launch sets the stage for information to be transferred and then thrust into action.

Our Clients

We proudly serve a global client base across multiple sectors with one goal in mind: to stretch the limits of corporate education through our creativity.

Our Approach

Knowledge Launch assumes that there are no boundaries. Through charting desired outcomes each step of the way, the Knowledge Launch team executes with the end in mind.

Want get your people up to speed on a new process or technology?

Knowledge Launch will create the media tools to simulate the novel features and then “deliver the message” to users via live demonstrations, on-line downloads, and marketing events.

Want employees to explore and resolve an ethical dilemma or business challenge?

Knowledge Launch will take a participant into a complex, yet realistic environment where differing opinions can be explored and skills practiced.

Want to create a learning environment that forces a participant’s attention?

Knowledge Launch will turn a simple meeting room into a learning lab to engage all of the learner’s senses. No one will ever complain of boredom.

REAL LEARNING relies on momentum and the creation of experiences where dynamic ideas and information can be explored and applied.

That’s the mission of Knowledge Launch: To create multimedia, multi-sensory environments to enhance the learning experience.